Pastor and family are away today in upper PA for special services at Biblical Baptist Church. The church is pastored by Pastor Gary Myers, who is the current president of our fellowship of churches. Today they celebrate their 41st anniversary as a church. I will speak for Sunday School, the morning service, and an afternoon service. We expect to return sometime this evening.

We welcome Joe and Ardi Racite to TBC today. Joe will be preaching for the morning service. The Racites are faithful members of Bethel Bible Baptist Church (Carney’s Pt.) and have served the Lord with joy and consistency for many years. Joe is the mayor of Carney’s Pt, owns Racite Fire Extinguishers and Equipment, and serves as assistant national rep. of our fellowship of churches. I am grateful for Joe’s willingness to fill the pulpit in my absence.

Thanksgiving Ministry – It is the time of year when we look to help and be a blessing to families in need. A table has been set up in the fellowship haFood Drivell for the various food donations. We also give milk, eggs, small turkey, bread, and butter as well. If you want to make a contribution towards those things or offer to buy them, see pastor. Please have all the donations in by Sunday, Nov. 19. Also, if you are aware of a family in need for us to consider, see pastor.

Winter weekends at TSBC… Pick up a brochure!

  • Winter Weekend 1 – January 12-13 (Grades 7-12)
  • Winter Weekend 2 – January 19-20 (Grades 4-8)

* TBC will contribute $15 for each regular attendee. An early bird discount is given if registered before Dec. 1st.

  • Also… Couples Retreat – February 9-10; Evangelist Morris Gleiser will be the speaker.

– Pastor

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