Join us on Sunday night’s for our series on Proverbs!

We are having an Adult Fellowship Dinner on March 22nd at 6 pm. This is will be held at the Green Olive on Rt. 49 in Bridgeton. You will order off of the menu and receive a separate check. Plan on joining us for this time of fellowship; please sign up if you are planning on going!

Be my guest – Personal invitation is probably the most effective way the church grows. Extending an invite to someone personally goes a long way to communicate kindness and thoughtfulness. What about inviting your neighbor, friend, and/or relative in the area to join you some Sunday? Many of us are more likely to go someplace if someone else is going we know. There are still many people in Alloway and the surrounding areas that know little about us and have never been here. Never underestimate the power of sitting under the sound of the Word. God uses His Word to reach the heart and change a life. Let’s get out there and do our part in reaching the world for Christ; let’s be actively praying for new families and individuals!!!

Satan is not fighting churches; he is joining them. He does more harm by sowing tares than by pulling up wheat. He accomplishes more by imitation than by outright opposition. – Vance Havner

Camp notes: women, men, & young people!

  • Ladies’ retreats – April 13-14 or April 20-21
  • Men’s retreat – May 4-5
  • Summer camps – for Juniors (grade 3-6) & Teens (grade 7-12). An early bird discount of $15 is given if registered by May 1st. TBC will contribute $50 for regular attenders who go to camp.

– Pastor

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