A Brief History…

Most are familiar with the wilderness wanderings of Israel in the OT. God chastened His people by making them reside in the wilderness for a period of 40 years because of unbelief and disobedience. At the end, many had died, little ones grew older, and some were born. Following this time, God’s people, led by Joshua, possessed the land of promise.

Why this story? In some ways our journey as a church planting work in Salem County has felt like a “wandering” of sorts. While we were not being punished by God, nor did we “wander” for 40 years (more like 7), God has had a very distinct plan for this church. He is all wise, sovereign, and head of His church.


Pastor Mark Franklin (now with the Lord) and the ministry of Hardingville Bible Church (Monroeville, NJ) sponsored and initiated this church planting endeavor. The need existed for another Bible-believing, independent, fundamental church in the Alloway/Mannington area of Salem County.

The BUILDINGS      In God’s providence, we were led to different locations until settling in Alloway.

  • April 2006 – The home on Quinton-Alloway Rd… A weekly, Thursday night Bible Study began to stir interest and build a nucleus. Mainly led by Pastor Mark Franklin, Pastor Terry Smith, and Pastor David Field, these times included a Bible study, fellowship, and a snack together.
  •  June 2007 – Mannington Grange Hall (Compromise Rd.)… The Bible Study phase was moved to Sunday evening @ 5 pm.
  •  September 2008 – Remsterville Learning Center (Mannington)… Going by the name Mannington Bible Church, a formal Sunday morning service began as well as Sunday School for all ages. Pastor David Field committed to pioneer the work.
  •  October 2009 – a church facility in Quinton (on Rt. 49)… Needing a larger facility, we made another move. With this move, the name Truth Bible Church was adopted and other services added.

         Highlight: April 11, 2010 we formally organized as a local church.

  •  November 2010 – Alloway Municipal Building… God orchestrated our move to the town of Alloway in His time. While having some limitations, this facility was nicely renovated, suitable, a good location, and the cost was fair. During our time here, we met a number of the townships leaders and were able to be a good testimony for the Lord.

* For years Pastor and the leadership had prayerfully sought a more permanent home not just for the church but for Pastor and his family.

By the end of 2011, we were made aware of the intent to close and sell an existing church and parsonage in the heart of Alloway. It seemed liked this door to purchase was closed due to an unaffordable asking price. In God’s will and time, He had other plans.

  •  March 2013 – The Lord wonderfully provided for our needs. We had settlement on a new church building and parsonage on Alloway Friesburg Road.

Pastor and his family began residing in their new home in May of 2013 and the first service in the new building was June 16, 2013. To God be the glory great things He hath done and is doing!